As noted the other day, the first reviews of X-Men: First Class have been very, very strong, assuaging concern that resulted from the poster issues and the underwhelming trailer. Click here for a refresher. Fans and critics expressed relief. And the actors too!

James McAvoy told WENN that he and Michael Fassbender were nervous about how it would all turn out. It’s a pretty cute quote:

"I phoned Michael within a half hour (of seeing it) saying, 'Dude, you've got to see this movie really quick because you're gonna be relieved. You're gonna be able to go to the toilet again properly.' We were worried man because sometimes these things are a nightmare to make and it's well documented so there's no point in hiding out but it turned out really good. I think we always thought it could either be really different and really brilliant or really bad and really different."

I LOVE him.

Kevin Bacon also sounds pretty jacked about Matthew Vaughn’s vision, how well it’s turned out on screen:

"I was completely knocked out and many people who I contacted said, 'I don't think I've ever heard you react to one of your movies like that.' It was also super cool for me because there's so much that I'm not in that I wasn't really seeing it being shot. I didn't see all the sets so a lot of the stuff I was seeing for the first time and the effects are jaw dropping. I had no idea what my own power was gonna look like so I was thrilled."

Here they all, in New York last night at the premiere, some arriving in vintage cars. I’ve decided: I just don’t think I’ll ever grow a Michael Fassbender quiver. Sorry. Also… January Jones appears on every blog like every day. Is it just me? Because I could not care less about her, pregnant or not, unless Zach Galifianakis is throwing sh-t at her in which case… sure, but maybe for a 5 minute chuckle and then it’s What’s Next? She’s carrying around a child with a secret sire who may or may not be married and famous and STILL it barely registers. I’m telling you – when the person is beige, even the scandal turns beige.

Also attached – McAvoy and Fassbender looking bromantic and adorable arriving at The Today Show this morning.

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