Am writing from LAX, heading home to Vancouver after a few days in LA. This was my itinerary, and I promise, there's a point:

Last week we were in Toronto, flew back to Vancouver on Friday, arriving at 7pm PT. Twelve hours later I was back at the airport for an 8am PT flight to Edmonton only to connect to Los Angeles, to get here in time for a screening. Because Air Canada doesn't have a daytime direct on Saturdays.

It was a bitch...but not really, because the screening was for Trance, in advance of an interview the next day with James McAvoy. Totally worth it, right?

Reviews and any remarks at all have been embargoed by the studio so as to not give away the plot but I can tell you he was SO lovely and kind and nice and usual. It's been a few times now that I've talked to him, including once over a cigarette at a party at TIFF, which he remembered, and not because it was memorable, but because he's just that sweet, and he has been the same, always -- one of the very, very few who does not disappoint.

Our interview will air on etalk this week. Or is it next week? I don't know the production schedule but that's also just a shady way to get you to watch every night. We talked about his ginger beard, bum equality, and, ahem, cupping. Now before you accuse me of being a perv, Chris Colson, Danny Boyle's frequent collaborator and producer, told me later that he liked my questions so they weren't off-side or off-point. Please. Bums and cups with James McAvoy definitely ranks in my top 10 interviews -- check it out on etalk soon! Or I'll just write about it after it airs.