“James McAvoy gives the performance of his career”

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 24, 2013 14:08:47 September 24, 2013 14:08:47

I like how he’s standing right beside that review.

Check out James McAvoy in Edinburgh yesterday at the premiere of his new movie Filth, opening in Scotland this weekend and all over the UK on October 4. Still no confirmation on North American release date. They don’t think there’ll be a market for it. I still don’t understand distribution territories and rights and preferences. Especially when a film is good. And word is Filth is good. The Hollywood Reporter just gave it a solid review. And, yes, McAvoy’s performance in it is confirmed as outstanding.

He plays a depraved cop. It’s depravity all around. And that’s the problem. Most audiences won’t be able to handle it. You can deal with a lot of gunfire and bloodshed. But it has to the “right kind”. Violence can’t be sleazy, see? And Filth, well, is sleazy. It’s subversive and sleazy. You know what else, to me, is sleazy? The Bachelor. Which is on network television, watched by millions.

Anyway, I’m reposting the Filth trailer below. But he just looks so handsome on this carpet, non?

Wenn, Jeff J Mitchell/ Getty

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