M Night Shyamalan’s new film Split opens on January 20th. So far the reviews have been pretty decent. I mean, it’s January, and the movie is probably being assessed by January standards. That said, it’s not pretending to be anything else. And a few critics have even called it a “return to form” for Night, relying heavily it seems on an outstanding performance by James McAvoy who plays a man called Kevin with 23 personalities. You know how it feels like every female lead in a rom-com is called Kate? I feel like Kevin is the new name for cinematic sociopaths. Kevin is the new Damien: discuss.

Here’s James with Night and Anya Taylor-Joy, who at 20 was just nominated for a Rising Star BAFTA (alongside Ruth Negga) promoting Split in Milan today. Jesus he is pretty. Those lips. That’s the natural lip colour I’ve always wanted.