James McAvoy, senior member of the X-Men, was on Good Morning America today with several younger mutants on the team including Evan Peters, Tye Sheridan, Lana Condor, and Alexandra Shipp, with whom he’s been rumoured to be dealing romantically.

He looks hot, right?

As you know, James and Anne-Marie Duff just announced that they’re divorcing, like right as this press tour got started. (They have decided to continue living together for their son.) Many of you find the timing curious. Why put your personal life on blast like that when you’re going to be out in front of the media? And he’s certainly never been one to sell his personal life anyway. It does make the speculation with Alexandra Shipp more plausible in that sense. Because if they are involved, revealing the truth about his marriage could be seen as getting out ahead of the story if indeed he and Alexandra are seen spending time together as a couple.

James was pretty young when he and Anne-Marie fell in love. They were married in 2006 but they were together at least a couple of years before that. Let’s call it pre-25. And not yet famous. Nowhere near as famous as he is now. It’s a lot to endure in a marriage when you’re still becoming an adult person. In the time that it was confirmed that he and Anne-Marie are no longer together, I’ve heard several stories about his behaviour the last six months or so – gossip about him hitting on women, gossip that it wasn’t a secret, gossip about him acting single. But only now. Only now that he and his wife are no longer together. How do you read into that?