James McAvoy will be at TIFF with Jessica Chastain for a preview of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her/Him. The last time he was at TIFF we had a cigarette out the window. I think he’s quit now. Or maybe he’s switched to e-cigs like me. So we no longer have to hang out of windows.

There is currently no release date for Eleanor Rigby but his next film Filth opens in the UK on October 4th. He plays a depraved cop called Bruce Robertson. It’s another subversive story from Irvine Welsh. Have you seen the trailer?

James told EMPIRE that he predicts Filth is so provocative, people will “walk out” the theatre. What? I would never walk out on James McAvoy, who was photographed in London today being all hot and cute in his motorcycle jacket. And I would never walk out on a movie like this. I’d walk out on a Katherine Heigl film but never this.