What a bonus! Second sighting of James McAvoy in less than a week!

He was out last night with his wife Anne-Marie Duff at the press night for Cause Celebre at the Old Vic Theatre. Duff, naturally, is receiving amazing reviews for her performance. It’s her first role since they became parents.

What’s this about the Original Fiona?

Many of you lately have been emailing about the US version of Shameless. I watched the first two episodes. You’re right, it doesn’t suck, though there’s not enough grit, too slick for my taste, having loved, so much, the original, it’s American counterpart seems a little… meh.

For those of you who are unaware, the original is from the UK. And Anne-Marie Duff played Fiona. And she was brilliant. So, you know, I mean… I just can’t have this conversation and stick Emmy f-cking Rossum into it. I’m sorry. As obtuse as this may sound, what the US version of the show implies is that the UK version of it wasn’t good enough for a North American audience. It’s hard to get down with that.



Photos from Wenn.com