James McAvoy was joined by Anne-Marie Duff last night in London at the after-party following the gala performance of The Ruling Class. I love them, I love them, I love them. And every time I see them, I feel joy and relief. Mostly joy. Joy for them now because they are celebrating. They are celebrating the success of the play. And James’s already acclaimed performance.

The Hollywood Reporter called him a “powerhouse”. The Guardian says he’s “mesmerising”. It’s a long list of adjectives to describe what’s evidently a brilliant display of talent. Again.

At 35 years old, McAvoy is right around the age of the Bradley Coopers, Leonardo DiCaprios, Ryan Goslings, the Michael Fassbenders, the actors who get talked about like the next generation of Daniel Day-Lewis. The skilled ones. The ones the others watch. But he’s never part of that conversation, even though we’ve seen, on film and on stage, that he has it. He has the goods. I’d argue that he’s just as good as Cooper, Gosling, DiCaprio, Fassbender. Just. As. Good.

But maybe it’s because he just hasn’t ever hungered for it in that way.

Which is probably why…

I love them, I love them, I love them.