Well hello Jamie Bell. I like your V.

Billy Elliott is 22. And he’s in a new film called The Eagle of the Ninth starring Channing Tatum and Donald Sutherland. It’s 140AD. Jamie is a slave in a Britain run by Romans serving Tatum’s character who, naturally, is the hero.


Does this mean Channing Tatum will be doing an accent?



I am afraid.

As for Jamie, well he’s always been low profile but that could change of course with Spielberg’s Tin Tin which isn’t due for another 2 years. Only took a month to shoot but now it’s in post until December 2011. Highly anticipated.

Strange I don’t associate him ever with Billy Elliott. For me Jamie Bell is always with Evan Rachel Wood in Wake Me Up When September Ends. God they were good here. Jamie and Evan dated briefly before that Monster found her.

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