I’m assuming this is Milou? On the carpet in Rome for the premiere of The Adventures of TinTin with Jamie Bell? TinTin doesn’t open until close to Christmas but this press tour has been a couple of weeks long already and I feel like we’re only halfway through Europe. Not sure if Milou is along for the ride the entire time. Normally I see dogs in these situations and feel bad because I know they’d rather be like mine and sleep all day and then demand to go for a nice hike on the trails or hump a new bitch than be told to stand still in front of a wall of screaming photographers and fans. Marcus and Barney would have long taken off by now.

Not this Milou. This Milou has the Chloe Moretz about it, non? Milou loves the red carpet. Milou is straight up hard-posing.

W.C. Fields said, “Never work with children or animals”, commonly quoted in Hollywood as a career guide. These days though, the only things that actually make any money are with children and animals. You think George Clooney would ever do a movie with animals? You snort and say he would never compromise for the money and then I give you the two below.

PS. Shannon Sossamon is SO beautiful.