Laura wants me removed from the building.

Because for the last several minutes I have been panting and moaning about holy f-cking hot man sh-t Jamie Dornan’s new CK ads with Eva Mendes. In her words: You need a towel and some time to yourself.


Do you know how many hours I have spent enduring her Robert Pattinson groans?

Friendship is about fairness. And to be fair, she must tolerate my Jamie Dornan lust.


Who cares if he’s dumb?

Because, really, there’s not much. And I’ve seen him in person. He’s also rather wee. But these shots. It’s hard to focus.

Oh wait. Here comes Dylan. Who is now trying to ascertain whether or not male models hire “ball adjusters” on photo shoots.

Anyway, Keira Knightley had this for 2 years before moving on to Rupert Friend.

Jamie > Rupert, right?

By the way – Jamie Dornan was my original choice to play Edward Cullen.