Jamie Dornan arrived at LAX yesterday. LA is where they need to be this week, the actors, the industry. Even if you’re not going to the Globes, you want to be at the parties, at the luncheons, wherever you can get in, for face time, to network, build those connections, set up that next job.

Like, I don’t have access to Dornan’s agenda or anything but it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’d be there. Especially since we’re a month out from the HORNY MOVIE EVENT of the year. Maybe we’ll see him as a presenter at the Globes then, walking across the stage with that gait. I mention his gait a lot. Gait is important to me. For attraction. If you don’t walk good, I don’t know if you f-ck good.

Turns out, even he’s aware of his gait. A reader sent me a link to Dornan’s interview on Graham Norton from last year and he talks about how he’s had directors ask him, like, dude, is that really the way you walk? Even his wife has tried to give suggestions. Now I wonder if they always try to shoot AROUND his gait, though it is kinda hot that he has a good sense of humour about it.