Jamie Dornan was in Prague today promoting Anthropoid. He looks GOOD. I quite like this shot of him sticking his tongue out. On the subject of tongues…

Grey, the book.

You read it? Click here if you missed Maria’s review.

I’ve stopped at 20%. Which means it’s worse than Fifty Shades Of Grey because at least with that one, I actually made it through the whole thing. You could argue that for Fifty Shades Of Grey, EL James knew what would appeal to *some* women, writing in a woman’s voice for a female audience. When writing a man’s voice for a female audience however, she has no f-cking idea.

I read a lot of horny books. A lot of good horny books written by a woman for a female audience in a man’s voice. The reason why horny books in a man’s voice work is because most straight women want to know what’s inside a man’s head when he’s in love…and making love (an expression that gives me the gags but I couldn’t help myself in that sentence). That’s part of the turn-on. Do real straight men actually think to themselves while they’re eating you out that your pussy tastes amazing? Probably not a lot of them. But if you do it right, and some of these authors do it very, very well, you’re willing to buy the fantasy. And shove your hand down your pants. EL James doesn’t know how to do that. EL James wasn’t able to do that in Grey. So why is it that she was (arguably) able to connect on that level (for *some* women) in a woman’s voice but not in a man’s? My theory on this is that when she was writing in a woman’s voice, she was essentially using her own voice. In that sense, for *some*, it was relatable. When you’re writing from the male perspective however, you have to get outside your own head. The scope can’t be that narrow. That, I think, is her problem – in so many ways.

If you’re interested in a horny read written from both the female and male point of view, once again, I suggest Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren. I would totally f-ck Finn.