In other EW-related news, they also had a teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 featuring Jamie Foxx as the villain, Electro. He looks a million times better than Rhys Ifans did as the Lizard, so the sequel is already one up on the reboot. I especially like the way his brain is pulsing in the three seconds in which we get to see him. That’s attention to detail, which the Lizard totally lacked. That’s also how make a movie look less like a money grab. This reboot thing started because Sony didn’t want to lose the rights to Marvel and while Andrew Garfield put a lot of effort into being a great Peter Parker, no one else tried half as hard. They actually need to do some work on #2 to make it worth our while. Electro, at least, is promising.

I’m intrigued by this machine he’s plugged into. In the comics, Electro gets his powers after a lightning strike, but this machine is purely intentional. Does he volunteer for an experimental procedure? Or is he recharging? Questions! Interest! This is how you market going into Comic-Con, especially for a franchise with such a milquetoast reputation. People love Spider-Man, but the reboot was the definition of mediocre, so they have a lot of ground to make up with fans. Whetting our appetites with a brand-new villain that’s never been done before is a good move, but then, marketing was never Sony’s problem.