Looks like OK! Magazine bought Jamie Lynn and Lynne Spears for a bargain. Last week’s teen pregnancy cover story was the magazine’s highest selling, topping the previous #1 – Britney’s photoshoot meltdown from the summer, during which she smeared chicken fried grease all over designer items, pee’d in front of a room full of strangers, and walked around touching herself aimlessly before taking off without warning and breaching the agreement.

As you know, OK! paid Lynne and Jamie Lynn a million dollars for the exclusive and more in the future, including possible pregnancy and baby photos when the child arrives. In other words, Lynne keeps selling out her own kids. Hardly seems possible but suddenly Lynne is even more impressive at parental pimping than both Joe Simpson and Dina Lohan combined.

This week, OK! is sticking with what sells. More bullsh*t straight from the Spears camp, including Jamie Lynn’s defence of her mother – at attempt to dampen widespread criticism that Lynne’s ambition and greed f&cked up her daughters. So desperate are they to salvage her reputation, they’ve even pulled out Dr Phil to speak on Lynne’s behalf:

"She is a solid, down-to-earth caring mother who wants the best for her children.”


If it were any other woman on his show, not famous of course, he’d be vilifying her on national television and ripping her a new one.

And rounding out the happy, happy update – Jamie Lynn’s father, Jamie, who was said to be livid about the pregnancy is, according to magazine sources, not upset at all. Only shocked initially but now very supportive.

Seriously…not even the MiniVan Majority is dumb enough to believe this sh*t. Why bother???

photo from Wenn.com