While Britney was losing her sh*t last week, Lynne Spears was back in Louisiana engineering Jamie Lynn’s first pregnancy “candids”. And Mama thought of every detail. Because Mama is on the defensive. Ever since Jamie Lynn’s baby bombshell, Lynne’s mothering has been critically attacked. Which is why a photo can work miracles.

Consider the following:

- Mom and daughter coordinated hoodies – JL in pink and Lynne in blue
- note that Jamie Lynn is carrying around a GED textbook implying she still intends to edumacate herself.
- Lynne’s frosty lipstick is present and accounted for
- baby father Casey hovering in an SUV nearby, just to put down rumours he might not be the daddy
- taken at the Tangipahoa Parish School System Adult Education Centre… because that’s where the paps routinely hang out when they’re stalking stars in Louisiana!!!

Bitch… please! Is subtlety a lost art???