All you yummy mummies will be mad at me for saying but seriously…this has more to do with chicken fried style than the fact that she gave birth not too long ago. Jamie Lynn looks like sh*t. And there is NO excuse for having hair the colour of Estelle Getty’s wig from the Golden Girls.

Check it out – Jamie Lynn Spears on the cover of OK! with baby Maddie, still part of that $1 million deal hammered out by mama Lynne way back in December when the magazine paid her to break the exclusive about her pregnancy.

Jamie Lynn also speaks about the joys of motherhood and brags about her well behaved child:
"She is very good. She"ll feed every two or three hours. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, I"ll feed her and she goes right back to sleep. There"s no screaming and crying."

No offence…but you all say that. All you moms out there. Your kid is the one who never cries. Your kid is the angel. Somehow though the one baby who is not an angel and who does scream and cry always ends up sitting near me on a plane.

How is that?

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