Lynne Spears is amazing.

Two months ago, some trailer twat called Kelli sold her story to In Touch Weekly telling the tabloid that she and Jamie Lynn Spears’s baby father were still getting it on, even after JL found out she was pregnant. Click here for a refresher.

Then another skank came forward with her own Casey affair.

There were photos, there were text messages, there was enough. There was enough to know “what time it is”.

Unless of course you’ve been raised by Lynne Spears. Like sister like sister.

Jamie Lynn is standing by Casey and she’s defending his honour – to OK! Magazine. Of course. They only paid her a million dollars to announce her pregnancy AND publish her baby photos and now they’ve interviewed JL and Casey exclusively about the infidelity allegations.

Needless to say, both insist the two women are lying. That Casey has been completely true. That those women are doing it for the money.

As for Kelli’s claim that she’s now pregnant, JL tells OK!:

"That is just completely fabricated. He never had an intimate relationship with her, so how would that be possible? Around here, that particular girl is known to make up stories."

Oh honey…

And it gets worse.

The National Enquirer is now reporting that Jamie Lynn is pregnant… AGAIN!

You’re rolling your eyes, I know. But they were actually spot on about her first time and on certain scandals, they’ve actually been known to hit the mark on rare occasions. Much more than Star/In Touch/Life & Style.

According to the Enquirer, Lynne is shocked and distressed and many are urging JL to abort.


She did it once. She’ll do it again.

This is the only way she knows how to keep her man.

Every time he cheats she stops taking her pill. It’s classic, it’s heartbreaking, it’s Chicken Fried Stupid.

Yay for Lynne Spears!