One of Duana’s favourite celebrity factoids, that she’s passed on to me, is that Beyonce and Britney Spears were born the same year. It seems crazy, right? That the two are the same age? There are other similarities.

Both have younger sisters. Both younger sisters have tried to secure their own (much dimmer) spotlights. Both younger sisters were pregnant as teenagers – Jamie Lynn Spears at 16, Solange Knowles at 17. And both younger sisters are … roughnecks?

You know what Solange did in that elevator. You SAW what she did in that elevator.

As for Jamie Lynn…

TMZ reports that she and a friend hit up a Pita Pit in Louisiana last week late at night. Oh come on. COME ON. What good comes from fast food late at night?

Apparently someone at some point decided to hit Jamie Lynn’s friend over the head with a bottle. Jamie Lynn took action. She dragged her friend behind the counter for protection before waving a “long, serrated bread knife” in the air to stop the violence.

A bottle fight in a sandwich shop!

Throwdown at the Pita Pit!

And a bread knife!


Attached – Jamie Lynn performing in Texas last month.