Jamie Lynn Spears has apparently inherited the family gene for dressing 5 times her age, like so many other southern fried bubblegum blondes before her. Check out Jamie Lynn at her boyfriend"s prom wearing a wonderfully sparkly Miss America gown that happens to match perfectly with her man. Now I know it"s perhaps unrealistic to expect unassuming teenagers to grow any sense of style before completing their senior year but I am terribly fascinated by the fact that in spite of so many advances in the field, prom fashion remains as tacky and as tasteless as ever. Take a look, for example, at that fellow in pink. I mean really. What would possess him - and his parents for that matter - to stray from straight black??? In this day and age? When Us Weekly provides in depth, ground breaking education on what is and isn"t acceptable among the under 20??? But while her peers certainly have the hillbilly hick excuse for failing so miserably in style class, Jamie Lynn unfortunately doesn"t have that luxury. Because Jamie Lynn works among the rich and famous. If I"m not mistaken, she even has her own tv show. And one day, she"ll probably be just as big - or small - as Hilary Duff. So what in the name of Coco would possess her to reach deep into the prom vault and pull out this too lime, too budget antediluvian disaster?? It"s a great mystery, gossips. The way prom dresses - and bridesmaid dresses, for that matter - simply cannot catch up with evolution. It"s beauty pageant hell, forever, for all eternity, for life.