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I am.

Every day my sadistic friend Laura has been torturing me with her emails. Laura is in Toronto. Which is in Ontario. Where the Ontario Science Centre is. And opening tomorrow, at the Ontario Science Centre, is the Harry Potter Exhibition. Chris Fisher, another producer at etalk, went to cover the exhibit for the show and brought her back some goodies. So she writes to me every day when she’s eating fudge flies, or gets a family card with her Bertie Bott’s, taunting, taunting, taunting. Because they sell them at the Potter Exhibition. And she can go and I can’t. I think she is still punishing me for making her leave the Hotel du Cap last year when Robert Pattinson was there. You would have too if you had to listen to Emile Hirsch douche himself all over the terrace.

Anyway, here are Jamie and Oliver Phelps today at the Science Centre to commemorate the opening of the exhibition. Look at those kids – they must have lost their sh-t. I would have done the same.

Features at the exhibit include handling a Mandrake, playing Quidditch, hanging out in the Gryffindor common room, and TRYING ON THE SORTING HAT.


Artifacts like Harry’s wand and glasses and the Marauder’s Map are also on display. Imagine if there was ever a celebrity Marauder’s Map? And you could see what the Brange were doing at all times?

Click here for more information about the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre. Science Centre field trips were always my favourite in school. There was always a fight on the bus that ended in tears. As for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – I can’t talk about this because we still haven’t scheduled it and all of our schedules are out of sync and now I don’t know when it’ll happen. Waaaah.

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