I am so sick of hearing how Angelina is so real! As if in comparison Jennifer is fake?! Please, don"t you know that everyone is fake when it comes to being a celebrity? Most just lie (Michael Jackson had only 2 nose jobs okay?). Angelina Jolie is just as fake as the rest of them. I am sick of everyone putting this blood wearing, brother kissing woman on such a high pedestal just because she is beautiful. Because she really is, and I would be too if I could afford it. Dear Lisa: Point taken. They are ALL fake. But given that we are playing on a level field and they are all assholes and whores with ulterior motives, wouldn"t you agree that it"s kinda cool that she"s taking her ulterior motives beyond Rodeo Drive? What"s worse? A cokehead celebrity who shops all day or a bloodsucking maneater who gives money to refugees and tries to draw attention to both their suffering AND her big juicy lips?