Well this was a surprise, non? Pacey snapped in Paris with Diane Kruger, a new romance that came out of nowhere. I have no idea when they got together, I have no idea how. The only thing I know about Joshua Jackson is what he"s like when he"s in Vancouver. And as I"ve mentioned before, when he"s single, he likes to pick up and pick up plentiful. Having said that, it appears as though Pacey will be decidedly less active should he return to his hometown this summer. Because he looks hot and they look happy and I am happy for them, especially since they seem well matched in every category. Hopefully he can help her with her dressing problem. Because the girl has the most atrocious red carpet record, like, ever. She was also horribly miscast as Helen in Brad Pitt"s suck ass piece of sh&t called Troy - easily his worst film. Don"t get me wrong, she"s a very pretty girl and all but come on gossips…is this the face that launched a thousand ships??? Is it really??? However, while Diane may not have been adequate as the greatest beauty in antiquity, she does seem to have pretty good taste in men. Before Joshua there was Guillaume Canet who, when this site was first launched 18 months ago, happened to occupy a place on the Freebie 5 thanks to his role in one of my favourite movies, Love Me If You Dare, a French gem that defies description - you just have to see it. Guillaume is a doll. And they do look kinda similar, do they not? Photos from JustJared