Jason Alexander doesn’t seem interested in finding a life or an identity beyond being married to Britney Spears for less than 3 days. Shocker. Of course, since Britney is dominating headlines these days, Jason is now attempting to make people care about his opinion, and he sat down with The London Sun for an exclusive interview, dishing all about his ex, about her other ex, about her children, about her surgeries, about her partying, and about her attraction to other women. At the same time, he also claims he still loves her, has always loved her, and that her life would have been so much better had they stayed together. Apparently they spoke last week, when she called him to thank him on his tv appearance with Shar Jackson (???) to talk about – what else? – Britney and Kevin. It was at this time, presumably, that she shared with him some of the details about her new lease on life which, naturally, he felt obliged to share with the tabloid. Some highlights: “From what I understand, with all the stuff that’s gone on, the marriage has been unstable for some time.It’s been going downhill for a while. Nothing has changed or got better. They had problems before which they tried to work out but now it’s like they can’t sort it out.“Their problems were because she had kids and that he wanted to pursue a career and was just never home.” “All beautiful girls like other girls in some way. All girls are attracted to other girls. She found other girls attractive, yes, but we never did anything about it. Our relationship was about us. We just weren’t together long enough for that to come up really. That’s not to say that I don’t know anything about threesomes.” “She had a tummy tuck after the birth of her second child. She’s working on all of that. She’s worth hundreds of millions — of course she looks good. She has the money to have surgery and nutritionists and get her body back. And now she’s focused, she is doing it. She’s motivated — she just got rid of a man.” Is he a loser? Absolutely. Sad part is though, he’s getting rich off being a loser. Jason Alexander hasn’t worked a day since Britney. And he continues NOT to have to work. Because people pay him to talk about her and they will continue to pay him to talk about her because as long as Britney is successful, anyone who has ever had anything to do with her will be successful too. Like it or not, dirty snatch or not, that girl is an industry all by herself. Source