We"re just 6 weeks away from the release of Janet"s first single off her new disc and she"s been teasing her fans all week on her official site with new material and clips and glimpses into what promises to be a pretty hot new sound. And, in keeping with her big to little metamorphosis, it appears that the latest iteration of Janet"s body chronology is finally complete. She is skinny again. Skinny and showing off her body at Nobu in London. Because we all know, you don"t go to Nobu unless you want to be seen. Happy for her and all, love the way Jermaine Dupri treats her, but here"s hoping she"s done with the yoyo. I mean look what happened to Luther. All that drastic up and down, gain and loss - it really can"t be good for longevity…you know what I mean?