I seriously don"t understand why everyone is losing their sh*t over Janet"s current weight loss. It"s about as interesting as Oprah on another diet. Here"s a scan from this week"s In Touch, a sickeningly stupid piece about how wonderful she looks and how she dropped pounds. I mean really gossips…is this news? Over the last 10 years, Janet Jackson"s pattern has always been the following: - eat like there"s no tomorrow and do nothing all day - get depressed about being overweight and having a f&cked up family - head to the studio for a new album - use depression and issues related to having f*cked up family to write new songs - record new album and rediscover "girl power" - realise that it"s important to love oneself and be healthy - finish new album and get trainer - eat, work out like a frickin" maniac, and inspire others to do the same - release new album, pose in a variety of photographs while squeezing fake tits together, and talk about "heavy emotional journey" that was required to make new music - sell millions of copies, go on tour, make more money - eat like there"s no tomorrow and do nothing all day - get depressed - head to studio for new album - etc etc etc Let"s take a stroll through her recent diet chronology, shall we? Starting with a look back at JJ, tight ass all hell during All For You in 2002…I love that song. Fast forward a year and she"s hefty while shopping on her own and with LaToya in early 2004. Twelve months later, at the Grammys with her man in February 2005, Janet was slim again for Damita Jo. And of course, by the end of 2005 - just six months ago - she had put it all back on. Now don"t get me wrong. I LOVE Janet. I have loved her my whole life. And sure - I suppose it"s …um…unique that she can gain and lose at will. But me personally? I won"t applaud yoyo body abuse. It can"t be healthy. And, throwing Janet and her rather unstable diet addiction up as an example of a successful weight loss story is about as irresponsible as glorifying the young Hollywood anorexics running the show in Hollywood these days. Next please.