I’ll warn you right off the top – I am going to gush like a school girl so if you can’t stomach it, please skip to the next. But first… details about Josh & Diane. Thanks to the lovely, lovely Lisa, I was able to report on their hot flight to Toronto tonight on eTalk. And things do NOT look like they’re slowing down. Joshua and Diane were seated in first class on the way from NYC to Toronto on Friday and they really couldn’t get enough of each other, leaning in for a marathon kiss at one point, so intense that he had to hold up a newspaper to prevent gawking. Sweet non? And still…that’s not why I’m in love with him. After the Chanel party I had to head over the Burberry 150th Anniversary event at Holt Renfrew which is, for those non-Canadians, like the Neiman Marcus or the Selfridges of the True North. I was covering the red carpet for eTalk and Diane shows up first, by herself, wearing a stunning blue Burberry dress with black tights and little ankle boots. She stopped and chatted, quite pretty, not too tall, probably about 5 ft 4, no more, extremely polite – very classy girl. Ten minutes later, Joshua rolls up on his own and the girls in the crowd went bananas. He was wearing a green/grey suit, white shirt, no tie, much more handsome in person than he is on television, beautiful, beautiful eyes, big smile, very friendly, and the best part… unlike many other actors, he is tall. I was wearing crazy ass heels and he was still a good 3 inches above me. Perfect at 6 feet, you know? Anyway, he blew right by us at first, had to pose for photos, do another interview…and then he came back. AND APOLOGISED. The first thing he said was “I’m sorry about that but I’m back now!” – and he rubbed my right arm! Be still my quivering loins. Yes, you can throw up now. We did the standard thing, talked about Bobby, talked about our neighbourhood in Vancouver, he asked me where I live, I asked him where he lives, he laughed and wouldn’t tell me but he did say that he hasn’t spent much time at home this summer, admitting to being in Europe most of the time. And we all know why, don’t we? Here are the photos – forgive me for the black and white business, I have no idea how to work my camera – and if you want to catch the full interview, check out eTalk on Monday or log in to the Broadband networkfor the full hit. And then Lance & Reichen. They showed up, all smiles, they spent half the day shopping on Bloor Street, arrived super casual at Holt Renfrew, and then couldn’t stop cuddling at the Motorola party after that. I didn’t bother taking a photo, I trust you don’t mind? Finally, it was an Asian Perez sandwich with Tanya Kim, host of eTalk, and I want you to have a look at her KILLER Chanel dress. Costs more than my car but if you can afford it, that baby is worth every penny. PS. Perez and Lance and Reichen were at the same events at the same time. And you know what? It really wasn’t as awkward as you’d think.