Pacey or Dawson? To me, it's like the Harry and William no brainer. Who needs a buck toothed, balding beaver when you have a redheaded, horseriding piece of loin quivering badboy hotness without the pressure of the crown??? 

In much the same vein, Pacey Witter was always, in my opinion, the true star of The Creek. Before Chris Klein, before Tom Cruise, there was Joshua Jackson - the real deal first plucker of Katie's first petal. Since the end of Dawson"s, Joshua has all but disappeared. There was something about an arrest a while back, some stage work in London, a tv pilot that didn't get picked up, a bit part in the upcoming Bobby (who ISN'T in Bobby???), and some unsubstantiated rumours floating around that he fathered a child. And while I've seen him on occasion (he lives in my neighbourhood) in Vancouver, he seems to have intentionally kept a low profile, focusing on smaller projects, intent on shaking the "teen beat" curse. Not a bad move… but I've missed my Pacey. 

Which is why it was so lovely to see him out and about in LA the other night looking West Coast cazh and very, very cute. Can we give him a girlfriend? Who's worthy of our Pacey? Is Natalie Portman worthy of Pacey? You tell me.