The evening started off with a gala screening, my girl Natalia and I went to the world premiere of Penelope, starring Christina Ricci and produced by Reese Witherspoon. Both walked the carpet – see attached – both were very proud of their picture, and then they made their way inside to present the film. Reese came out to a huge ovation. As you can see, she was absolutely frickin’ gorgeous tonight. GORGEOUS. And much smaller in person. I know there’s been some discussion of butt dimpling going on but she looked pretty slim to me, and I swear, when she walked out on stage, she lit up the theatre, I couldn’t help myself – I was like a lovesick puppy. You can tell that Reese is enormously proud of the Penelope production, something she’s been working on for quite some time now. She stood at the podium, she briefly described the movie, and then she introduced the writer, the director, the cast, and was not a trace of the Southern twang, something she must have put away immediately after awards season. So then out comes Christina Ricci and while I know I said she’s looking a lot healthier of late, I have to tell you, on this night she was TINY! Her arms were ok but her entire body tapers down to the littlest waist you’ve ever seen. I worry, you know? Having said that, Penelope is adorable. It’s a fable with a recycled message done with a twist. Cute and funny and heartbreaking at times, Reese has a small but memorable part, but the one who really steals the show is Catherine O’Hara playing Penelope’s mother. I’m thinking Best Supporting Actress nomination – she was just that good. And finally… finally I’ve had my Notebook moment of the year. The male lead James McAvoy and yes, when you google him, you will think I’ve lost my sh*t. However, I ask that you withhold judgement until you see the movie. He’s hot in a Notebook way, with an unconventionally sexy vibe. Quiveration Nation. Oh and one more thing…when the movie ended, there was a standing ovation. Ricci was up in the balcony and she stood up to be acknowledged. Samuel L Jackson was sitting right beside her. Random…but it works, you know? Photo source