Forget the Italian wedding… You want sweet? You want romantic? Have a look at Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger – adorable, non? Two things I love about these photos: 1. the obvious tender moment. I’m almost embarrassed to be posting pictures of a couple so genuinely in love captured in such a private and endearing embrace. Almost. 2. the way the shot illustrates that he is NOT a dwarf in any way. So few celebrities are as tall as they’re advertised to be. Joshua Jackson is an exception. Perfect height and he wears it well. When I met him at TIFF, I was wearing 4 inch heels, being 5 ft 3 and ¾ on a good day, I was just shy of 5 ft 8 and I still had to look up to talk to him even though he was hunching down. Hotness. Hard to believe he used to date Mrs Cruise. And now Pacey gets Helen while Joey makes do with Hollywood Voldemort. Funny how things work out, non? Source