It’s a cycle every two years or so. Janet Jackson goes militant and loses a lot of weight and takes her top off for the cover of some magazine, and then a year later, she’s covered up in sweats not wanting to be photographed. Don’t sh-t on me for making it an issue. I’m only making it an issue because SHE makes it one when she grants an interview to some glossy about how she’s finally found the formula to “stay fit forever!!!”

Here’s Janet at AMFAR last night at the Hotel du Cap looking svelte and ageless. She does seem happy. She seems… at peace? Hopefully. Finally. For her.

Janet will be performing at the Vienna Life Ball this weekend, marking 30 years since the HIV was discovered. The Life Ball raises money in support of AIDS research.

“HIV/AIDS is a pandemic which requires our immediate and continued attention. So much progress has been made, thanks to leading organizations such as amfAR, in the fight. Combination therapy has made HIV a maintainable disease, but sadly, there is still no cure and it continues to spread at alarming rates. HIV/AIDS is a continuing hazard, both in the Unites States and abroad. This is why I am honored to join with amfAR to bring awareness and help raise the much needed funding for their work. I believe we have other lives. I don't believe in the finality of death. I wanted to write about friends who have died of AIDS, but without being mournful or sad. I wanted to celebrate their spirit. I'm pleased that “Together Again” is just that -- a celebration, a confirmation that the energy of love will never die."
– Janet Jackson

I cried when I first heard this song. If you’ve lost friends…

I feel like we’ve been so complacent about AIDS and HIV. It’s like… people aren’t afraid of it anymore. This… is trouble. Please click here for more information, to pass on to those who might need it, and to update yourselves on the fight.

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