Janet is ageless

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 23, 2010 08:57:59 March 23, 2010 08:57:59

She really is.

You bitches will probably say it’s because of the plastic surgery and yeah sure, she’s had a lot of work done but still... there’s a skin amazingness here that can’t be bought. Just take a look at Katherine Jackson. Mrs Jackson is about to turn 80 and doesn’t look a day over 70. Maybe even 65.

Janet hit up the premiere of Why Did I Get Married Too in LA last night. As you can see, we are currently on a yo-yo skinny swing. Janet fluctuates once every couple of years. She looks great, yes, but there’s always been an emotional fragility behind the weight change, a fragility that seems almost genetic in that family, no doubt exacerbated by MJ’s death last summer, and perhaps the incentive for her to battle through it one last lasting time. For her health. Hopefully.

Why Did I Get Married Too opens on April 2nd. As all Tyler Perry movies go, it’s expected to do big business. Janet released a song for the film called Nothing. Makes me a little sad but I can’t really articulate why. Perhaps because she sounds so much like him at certain points. Just me?

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com

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