Us Weekly is reporting that Janet Jackson was hospitalised last night because of shortness of breath. Her rep subsequently clarified that it was the flu.

The flu? Do you believe the flu? With all that money and resources, she can’t afford home care?

Or is it because you can’t give someone a nose job/tummy tuck/boob lift/etc etc etc at home?

Not that Janet would ever, right? Not that there are any fake parts on her body, right?

In some circles, there are those who believe she actually had a rod inserted into her abs to make them look the way they do. Sounds rubbish to me, didn’t know that was actually possible… but this is Hollywood after all.

Best to the nursing staff treating her during this delicate time. Cedars Sinai is kick ass but it’s hard to provide proper medical treatment with so many rules in place…Just sayin"...

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