I felt badly for Janet Jackson. I mean it’s Janet Jackson, right? She released a new album this year which has totally unperformed, it’s been all Mimi and Madonna and no Damita Jo, and she showed up on the carpet tonight and all of us on the press line were like – oh yeah, Janet Jackson. Sure let’s get her if we can, but not if it means missing JLo or TomKat or Scarlett or the Olsens or Posh and I’m telling you, the list went on and on.

For some reason, somehow, Janet Jackson has become a “nice to have” but not a “MUST have”.

Sucks to be Janet.

She did look good though. She looked as good as she did a decade ago. Her body was tight. Her hair was an improvement on the White Snake thing she was rocking a few weeks ago, and she and Jermaine Dupri had a sweetness about them that was endearing and authentic but let me ask you this…

Do you care to keep reading? Or would you prefer to on to someone else?

See what I mean?

Karma Calamity is a bitch.

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