Thanks to all of you who’ve been emailing your thoughts after seeing Janet Jackson in Vancouver last night. As you know, she kicked off the Unbreakable tour there and, well, so far, at least the way it’s looking in my inbox, the consensus is that she was The Best.

If you’re worried about her movement… don’t be.

By all accounts, she’s in top form. And she gives you what you want.

You know how Madonna doesn’t want to revisit the classics too often, preferring to perform her newer work, and when she does play back the old school jams, she selects just a few and remixes them? Works for some…

Janet isn’t doing it that way though. She’s taking you back the way you remember. Of course she’s performing songs from the new album but she won’t let you go without the gold you know. I’m good with that. Actually, I’m great with that.

For those of you who have tickets, in Vancouver there was no opening act and she pretty much started on time. I’m going on September 15 in Toronto. And I’m wearing my drop crotch pants.