Monday morning. And a bonus. A surprise bonus. Isn't it better this way? Instead of all kinds of teasing, followed by technical f-ckups, don't you love it when it just happens without warning?

Janet Jackson has a new album coming. She's going on tour. Page Six is reporting that she might show up at the BET Awards next weekend. And now she's given us a song. A full song. A SLOW JAM.


Do you know what MTFT means? Does that mean anything to you? From high school? Where I grew up, MTFT was Jodeci. Sh-t. MTFT is STILL Jodeci. This song is MTFT. And it feels like the 90s. Good like the 90s. Good like she's not trying to smash you in the face with how she can keep up, how she's still relevant.

She's Janet. She's Miss Jackson. She doesn't have to. It's exactly the right sound at exactly the right time. Doesn't that beat just make you want to start rubbing your hips against someone else's hips?