As you’ve probably heard, Janet Jackson was supposed to play Montreal last night. Instead, at the last minute, she fell ill during sound check, was taken to hospital, released 2 hours later, leaving thousands of fans without a show.

Promoters have promised to make it up.

Meanwhile, Janet is said to be fine, and getting ready for her next stop in Boston.

Is your smutty sense tingling?

EVERYONE’s smutty sense is tingling. No one seems to be buying the “fallen ill” excuse, especially since Janet pulls the sick trick rather often…

Not to say that it wouldn’t suck if she truly was suffering but then again, she is a Jackson. Most of the time, the sick is in the head. And none of them seem to have come out of high school either. High school builds character. The Jacksons raised an entire family of limp, insecure freaks.

So there was an item yesterday in Page Six… something about Janet’s boyfriend Jermaine Dupri mixing champagne and tequila (ew!) and throwing up, literally, into her lap. In public. At a club.

Obviously mortifying.

Next thing you know, she doesn’t want to play Montreal.

Like teenage drama, right?

Remember when something sh*tty would happen at school? Like you hit a bad note during your solo or when Martin called you a yellow-bellied chink in Grade 7 during recess because you liked Olivier instead? Or when that hot guy 3 years older told everyone you went all the way when it was totally just making out in the bathroom?

Remember how tempting it was not to show up the next day? Remember how relieved you were when you did show up and realised it wasn’t so bad? Remember that weak morning when you couldn’t come up with the courage?

Was it like that for Janet Jackson this morning?

Attached – Janet tour photo and with Jermaine taken the night the alleged puking went down.

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