Few people do slow jam wall-dancing better than Janet Jackson. And that’s how she opens the video for No Sleeep. That’s the gift we’ve been given this week after 5 days of great gossip…

New Janet!

But familiar hair!

And that familiar sexiness. 

So that it’s fresh but still feels old school. It’s original but still elicits a throw-back comfort. Yes. I can live here. I can live where Janet is taking me so far. I love that, so far, her comeback has been low on hype and promise. That one day she just told us she was ready again. Oh and here’s the song. Oh and here’s the video. No endless teasers to teasers to trailers on Instagram. Just, when it’s ready, it’s ready, and you didn’t have to wait for it but now that it’s here, you don’t want to let it go.

The old family photos though, you see those? Are they a hint of what we might be getting on tour? The tour kicks off in a month in Vancouver. I’m seeing her in September, during TIFF, in Toronto. Out of the four shows I have tickets to in the next 3 months (Nicki Minaj next week, then Janet, then Taylor Swift and Madonna in October), Janet is the one I’d give everything else up for.