January 22, 2016 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 22, 2016 14:57:45 January 22, 2016 14:57:45

Alicia! Happy Birthday with love from Cecilia who requested for you some photos of John Krasinski. We have fresh ones! Here he is in London yesterday. Have a great birthday weekend!

"To our seestra in all things pop culture and gossip, Heather, on her 40th birthday. As you put the finishing touches on your new place and prepare to host your equally awesome family this weekend, we hope you carve out some time to treat yo self in a way that would make Donna Meagle proud. Because you treat everyone in your life so well - you're the Encyclopaedia Forrestica that we consult whenever we need to know who that guy was that was in that thing, the only Heather whose book recommendations matter, our adorably-packaged TIFF schedule, you recap all of the awesome events that you attend for us, and you are a staunch protector against the dreaded spoilers (and also online trailers).

You feel things, all things, strongly - whether you're so happy that you're crying, so sad that you're crying, so touched that you're crying, so excited (for others or for yourself) that you're crying or so angry that you're dropping the occasional "c*nt" while yelling at us in all caps (....and crying).

We know that right now, you're uncomfortable with this much gushing (...and you're probably crying...), but you're the kind of loyal and warm person who your friends would do anything for, whether it's running down King street to make sure you got a ticket to an opening night documentary or chasing down Tom Hiddleston for a picture. And so as you enter this decade of your life (somehow, unfairly wrinkle-free), our wish for you is for more luck than it would take to get front row tickets to Hamilton, more class than Cameron Bailey (but, uh, less of the weirdos), and, fine, more emotion than Ron Swanson attending a funeral at the Grand Canyon."

For all that you do, because having you in our lives brings US so much joy, here is Oscar Isaac with BB8, Keanu with bonus Cameron Bailey, Mathias, your fellow ginger Domhall, and of course your beloved Hiddles delivering a big smile that was clearly meant for you."

Neil Mockford /Alex Huckle /Getty Images

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