Mad Men Girls at the Globes: Jones (& Moss)

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 17, 2011 10:27:59 January 17, 2011 10:27:59

Written by Duana

Did you see January Jones? Did you love it? Did you see her reminding you, in case you forgot, why all the Walking Deads and the Boardwalk Empires in the world will not sway you from your original cable network love?

Aside from the two very obvious reasons up front, Jones is awesome because she’s angling for something so different than the other girls. Lainey and I argued with some friends tonight over whether Tilda Swinton is or isn’t dressing to compete with the ballgown girls. I say she isn’t – and I feel the same way about January. This architectural-y, fringe-y, glamourous/dangerous thing is saying the same thing as the gorgeous (to me, anyway) plastic blue dress at the Emmys. She’s all “You better know what you’re buying. I’m nobody’s traditional blonde”. It’s absolutely satisfying to watch her use her face and body and voice. I don’t remember a word of her conversation with Seacrest and neither does she – because her work was done as soon as she climbed on the carpet.

Moss, on the other hand, still doesn’t know what she’s selling. She knows a lot more than a couple of years ago, where she was so austere and formal and taffeta. She’s fresh from a divorce, and unlike poor Eva Longoria, she knows she has to look like she’s having the Time! Of ! Her Life! (PS, She kind of probably is, I mean, do you really think Fred Armisen would be the most fun ever?)

But the dress doesn’t know what it’s selling. It’s green and glamorous, like lots of other gowns tonight, but it’s not the sexiest or the most dramatic, and she’s kind of wearing it…casually, for lack of a better word, and if I didn’t know better, I’d say she’s actually imitating Jones’ unbrushed hair from the Emmys.

I don’t know why I get such a high school vibe from these two. Moss is (I think it’s clear) the more talented and the one who’s going real places. Yet there’s a bit of silent envy there, somehow. And obviously this is partly projection, because I don’t think anyone’s ever even seen Moss talk to Jones offscreen, but something tells me they won’t be giggling in and out of each other’s trailers, either.

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