But first -- check her out last night at the Mad Men Season 6 premiere. Hate this dress. If it were all black it may be different. But the white and baby blue here is like eye shadow on a bride. And GROSS shoes.

Jones, as you know, has recently been in the news for allegedly riding up on Liam Hemsworth at an Oscar party and since then he and Miley Cyrus may or may not have called off their engagement or are getting back together or never broke up.

Thought you might want to know how it looked that night though when Liam and January were said to have hooked up. I heard from sources January came on hard. They were at a private house party -- their second stop of the night -- and supposedly she was all about the dirty talk. Like graphic. And, needless to say, he was into it and he also didn’t think it would be a problem because there was only a small group of people there. When I asked whether or not January Jones knew that Liam was engaged, the answer was, “She doesn’t care”.

January Jones’s sh-t is SO gossipy. You remember about the baby father situation, right? And now this...

And STILL. It’s boring! She is SO boring! If this were anyone else we’d be writing about it several times every single day! 

Also attached -- Liam Hemsworth arriving back in LA last night. They say Miley was in a great mood yesterday, and generally, over the last few days. And she’s wearing her engagement ring again. So either she doesn’t care, or did care and got over it, or he convinced her that he didn’t.  But they’re more “on” than they are “off”. For now.