At best, the read on January Jones was “cold”. At worst, if you believe Zach Galifianakis, we’re supposed to “forget about (her) in a few years". So…she’s definitely not Hollywood’s Miss Congeniality.

Was it starting to become a professional problem?

Part 1 of Mad Men’s Season 7 premieres on April 13th. Soon. Jones is now out there promoting the show. But it kinda started way before. Back when she launched her Instagram account a couple of months ago. And she’s actually really great at Instagram. She actually has a sense of humour on Instagram. And she posts consistently enough that those who do follow her feel connected. Here’s her most recent entry:

The photo is great. But the caption is even better:


I’m never going to complain when you can throw down an 80s Lionel Richie lyric. Right?

Now the question is, did she come up with the Instagram initiative all by herself? Or was it a strategic suggestion from her management team? I’m not saying they ghost post for her, but that they realised it would give her an opportunity to show a side of herself that would surprise people. And, as we’ve seen, she took it and made it work in her favour.

That’s not to say she’s not still the person Zach Galifianakis described. It’s just that that person is harder to remember now.

Attached – Jones at the Rebels With A Cause gala last night. If it’s one thing she’s good at it’s clothes. Even if you hate what she’s wearing, she still makes you talk about it.