January Jones is losing her hair. She says it’s “falling out in clumps” because she changes the colour so often, I guess a common hazard for busy working actresses (maybe a problem for regular ladies too?).

Normally this would be something that we could maybe feel bad about, but if she’s talking about it on the SAG red carpet and at Sundance I think it’s ok to laugh at this, right? Maybe even, if we’re feeling really inspired later today, me and Lainey could create a Black Eyed Peas parody video called My Clumps?

That her hair is falling out is totally typical of January Jones. The only time she’s ever in the news it’s for something completely bizarre and I love her for this. I understand that they’re very different public figures, but while we rehash the same boring Lindsay Lohan escapades for the past decade, January Jones has been busy dating Josh f*cking Groban, having mystery babies, and using Bobby Flay to coach her through a hit-and-run. Also, remember when the actor who used to play Bobby Draper warned his replacement “be careful around January Jones”?  

She’s IRL just as crazy as Betty Draper. Maybe that’s why she’s able to pull that role off, while not being a very good actress (have you seen her in X-Men? UGH). Mad Men starts back at the beginning of April, so here’s hoping for lots more January (that name!) hijinks in the weeks to come.

Attached - January at Sundance this year promoting a film called Sweetwater.