Two men, not so tough call.

First - Jared Leto a week ago at the Australia VMAs. As I said at the time, Jared worked the straight iron and appears to have taken over from Kate Bosworth in emaciation.

I’m told from Aussie gossips that among all the celebrities in attendance including Nicole Richie, Good Charlotte, and Fergie it was Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars who were the most demanding, the most outrageous divas.

Turns out their rider for the event did not include the usual – no special candy, no water bottles set at exact temperatures, no alcohol, no jewels – rather just a “bizarre concoction of water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper (in other words a weight loss formula), plus a qualified doctor on hand to administer vitamin injections on command”. Clearly the dude cares about his figure…to almost extreme lengths?

Next - Tom Brady with Gisele Bundchen on Thursday clutching a Man-Purse…

Which one is less quiverating? Even with a Man-Purse Tom Brady is the Hotness. Jared on the other hand? As Lily Allen would say with her English accent – Never in a MILLION years.