Jared Leto went to see Lupita Nyong’o on Broadway in Eclipsed last night. She posted a photo on Instagram:

As you know, they won their Supporting Actor Oscars in the same year. They went through that entire award season together. They were really cute together. So there was some speculation, even though all of us who were speculating did it with a sense of disbelief. Lupita, obviously, is amazing. But is Jared Leto smart enough to appreciate that?

At Coachella a few weeks ago, Jared was seen getting close with Halsey. Click here for a refresher. They were both at the MET Gala on Monday and both, coincidentally, in white. No photos together. In fact she ended up changing into an outfit that matched Rami Malek’s and they actually hit up the after-party together. Jared was at the after-party too. Haven’t heard anything yet though about them doing anything gossipy. Jared, by the way, is 44. Halsey is 21. So he goes to camp with Leonardo DiCaprio. For men who claim to be so individual and singular, they certainly don’t distinguish themselves in the most cliché of ways.