Posted on Instagram with the caption: “Short hair don’t care”.

I’m not a Jared Leto scholar so I have no idea if this is a new photo. Did he get a haircut? If not, he should. That’s a great face. And while the hair held the Oscar energy, cutting it after winning Oscar is the perfect time. Also, I feel like this is what Instagram is for. Like the most ideal use of the app. For haircuts and hair changes. It’s a press release without having to look like an asshole for drafting a press release about a haircut. But you still want people to know you got a haircut. Thanks social media.

In other Jared Leto news, I don’t have any. Now that he has his award, he’s back to being a musician with 30 Seconds To Mars and he doesn’t have any new roles lined up yet. Leto’s Oscar hasn’t made me more interested in his band. It only made me more interested in him as an actor. The interest doesn’t transfer between the two. Is it like that for you?