Definitely have a double standard going here. Call me on it, please. Because if Lenny Kravitz were walking around Paris Fashion Week like this, I’d be totally ok with it.

But ...

Jared Leto isn’t Lenny Kravitz. Jared Leto walking around Paris Fashion Week like this just looks like a loser.

Unfair? Would I be less unfair if I was more of a fan of his music? If I considered him a “rock star” would I be more tolerant of his try-full “rock star” stylings? Rock Star or Pop Star? I want there to be a difference. Is there a difference anymore? I say there is a difference. And I stay Jared is all Pop. You?

You are about to defend him? Wait. Before you put your hand up. Juuuust in case you’ve forgotten about this. There. We understand each other now, right?