Kristen Stewart rejects Ebola Victim

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Two years ago at Sundance Jared Leto not only allowed himself to become infected by Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton, he also allowed himself to be photographed doing so. Their faces mashed together, their tongues fused by saliva, captured by the cameras, preserved in perpetuity.

Two years ago, Jared Leto’s career died. Two years ago Jared Leto’s career obituary appeared on this blog. Click here to review it.

Two years later, Jared Leto’s Ebola contamination has not cleared. With no movie to promote, like a f-cking loser, Leto is back in Park City. This weekend, he tried to get into the Sundance afterparty for The Runaways hoping to rub up on some of Kristen Stewart’s hype. She has been the toast of the festival so far with two releases and overwhelmingly rave reviews. Jared knows he needs a boost.

But when he arrived at VIP, no one knew about Jared Leto. Security denied.

So what did Jared Leto do?

Jared Leto pulled That Card. You know The Card.


If his Ebola connection hadn’t already banned him for life, this pretty much seals it. You are DONE mother-cker.

Leto eventually ditched his friends and snuck in anyway but apparently Stewart wasn’t interested, spent the night with her own crew and did not bother to send him an invitation even though, pathetic wanker, he seems to be trying to borrow Robert Pattinson’s fluffy hair.

Bitch, please. You pissed it away. Inside Ebola’s mouth.

Here’s Jared at Hope For Haiti Now and performing with his band.

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