They’re working on a Blade Runner sequel. As Sarah reported a few months ago, it was originally supposed to be released January 2018. Variety is now saying the movie is due October 2017 and that Jared Leto is joining Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling on the call sheet in an unspecified role. This is amazing. It was already amazing imagining Ryan on set with an impatient Harrison getting grumpier and grumpier with Ryan’s attempts to find his “motivation”. And now he has to deal with Jared’s “method”?

Will it be a Ryan-Jared method-off?

Who can chain smoke the most cigarettes? Who can go the longest without showering? What would happen if Jared Leto left a dead rat in Harrison’s trailer? Or, you know, is Jared selective about his creative inspirations? Selective as in, I’ll target Margot Robbie and Viola Davis with my vile animal deliveries but I would never disrespect Harrison Ford like that. 

Have you read the article in The Atlantic last week about How Hollywood Has Ruined Method Acting? Jared’s the poster boy for that piece. And the writer posits that the method approach has become a marketing tool instead of an actual art form and that actors like Jared and Leonardo DiCaprio are talking about their “method” these days the way muscleheads boast about how much they’re bench-pressing. “By going method, a performer can signal that he works for his art; he can make his labor visible.” That’s the problem. It’s so laborious you can actually SEE it.