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Look, Jordan Catalano’s hair was the thing in the first half of the 90s, OK? It was Seattle, it was plaid, clean cut and preppy was uncool...

Even Charlie Salinger had hair like Jordan Catalano!

Jared Leto is 41 now. And look at all that hair. There are a lot of people, men and women, who would kill for that hair. Is it real? It’s so full and healthy, with natural wave. This is my dream hair.

Jared’s been in NYC this week with 30 Seconds To Mars for several events. He looks a lot healthier than he did when I saw him last. Did we talk about this already? Jared came by etalk during TIFF last year for an interview. We all tried not to stare at his body -- not in a good way. He was SO horrifically thin, we were convinced was an eating disorder. Like frail, and he moved slowly, and I was worried he might pass out. He told us at the time that he’d had food poisoning the night before. We were all like, yeah sure food poisoning. Then it came out a few weeks later that he was working on that Matthew McConaughey movie The Dallas Buyers Club. If you thought McConaughey was bad, Jesus, Jared was easily three times worse.